You Could Save 30%-40% on Your Auburn Kitchen Remodel by Refacing Your Currnet Cabinets

Transform Your Kitchen in 2-4 Days (not months)
Up to 50% Cheaper than Full Remodel
Less Demolition & Mess
Give Your Solid Cabinets a New Life

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Potentially Reduce Costs by Thousands on your new kitchen project

Among the most significant and largest factors of cupboard refacing that people love is the amount of cash you’ll be able to save on a traditional kitchen or bathroom remodel. By keeping structure, which is usually better constructed than new stuff and your present frameworks, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs significantly. Determined by which options you decide, that could decrease the total cost of your kitchen remodel by up to 30% – 40%, which could literally be tens of thousands of dollars right now.

Save Time and Get a New Kitchen Sooner

You’re adding weeks if not months onto the whole time it requires to remodel your kitchen when you get entirely new cupboards and parts. From picking out your favorites, to the order and shipping process, to installation and the delivery, this could make the difference between one that just drags on and on, and a project that gets done quickly.

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

Why entirely squander good stuff that have been standing the test of time for decades? Odds are, the older stuff that are now in your kitchen are of higher quality than a number of the newer and more economical options at Home Depot. By reusing these elements that are structurally amazing, but just want a bit of a facelift, you’re doing great things for your house, your checkbook along with your environment.

What exactly is cabinet refinishing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of choosing existing cabinetry frames, constructions and parts, and refinishing the outside appearance with paint, a new wood finish, handles and hardware, so everything seems brand new. It is an effective strategy to get the brand new kitchen appearance without the new kitchen price tag. While it can be done yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to a professional who does it day-in and day out, and may save you a lot of money.

How much does refinishing cost?

Cupboard refinishing costs a fraction of the price of purchasing new components and frameworks. Typically, you can expect to pay around 60% – 70% less than the expense of buying new parts, which can reduce the overall cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodel by 30% – 40%, depending on which options you choose. So for most kitchen remodels, this can mean saving $1,000’s in the long run. The actual value of your job will be contingent on the size and depth of your project, however you can estimate the cost at anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 complete.

Can I just have it done at Home Depot?

For the large part, they are focused on their residential and commercial sales, although some Home Depots can manage cabinet refinishing, and not doing projects for individual homeowners. Additionally, Home Depot often times will be far more expensive than hiring another contractor to do the work, since they've a big corporate company to support, with enormous shops and facilities to cover.

Where should you buy refacing supplies?

Cabinet refacing supplies can be purchased at most home or hardware shops. The precise supplies you'll need will vary considerably depending on which style of job you want to do, and some may be more difficult to locate in specialty stores or online outlets.

Are you located right in the Auburn area?

Yes! We have installers found right in Auburn, which can service all the surrounding regions around Washington . We're proud to call Auburn our residence and work place, and will go the additional mile to make our neighbors happy!

How can I reface my cabinets?

You can reface the cabinets yourself by doing extensive research into the correct ways to remove and manage the old components, the various material refinishing fashions and methods to use on making the elements seem new again, and going shopping for all the correct security and program equipment. But in case you prefer to avoid this massive time plus effort hassle, you can simply give our business a call to learn more having our team of Auburn professionals handle the project for you, for a portion of the time needed.

Can I reface laminate cabinets?

Absolutely! Laminate cupboards are a few of the easy ones and we can make them look completely new and refreshing again.

Can metal cabinets be refaced?

Yes! Metal cupboards have the ability to be refaced, and we can work with on you what new look / material you'd like to have most.

How much does cabinet refacing typically cost?

Generally, you will run anywhere from $1,000 - $4,000 , depending on the size and range of your remodel job. This price may go up should you own a great deal of new cupboards, or want to do something that requires a great deal of additional work on the contractors part. However, you can expect the cost of doing this over purchasing new to be about 60% - 70% less than the expense of buying new parts.

Can I reface my cabinets twice?

Yes you can refinish your cupboards many times, after doing it a few times but like many things over time, the substance could get a bit tired. Two times can be easily done, but the wood, metal or other substances in your cupboard parts may have to be occasionally replaced as your try it more and more. Give our experts a call with your precise scenario so we can determine the best plan of action for you.

Stop letting cost get in the way of a brand new kitchen for your own family and you. Our Auburn refinishing specialists can help you.


Does your kitchen remind you each time of the wonderful people who sold it to you who clearly liked a color scheme that is completely different than you do?

Do you need to change your kitchen to make it can’t afford to purchase all new cabinets or work for you, but do not need to?

We can help you brighten your space that is aging and reface your kitchen cabinets to enhance your living space and assist you to feel like the kitchen reflects the nature you would like it to, so you do not have to settle for less in your Auburn residence.

Bringing your kitchen up to present standards can add value to the resale value of your Auburn home.

Architects and realtors alike agree. If you are going to pick which renovations plan on reselling your house and ever you are going to do, then it’s a safe bet to concentrate on the kitchen. Potential buyers get turned off, when kitchens aren’t up to present standards.

Staying up on current kitchen trends can make your house more popular while you update it for yourself to allow it to be feel like home. Obviously, it’s a terrific motivator also to increase your Auburn home’s value. Remodelers and realtors say that a kitchen job will recoup around 70% of the remodeling price back to the value of the home based on sector national averages.

Naturally, additionally they stress that you just should not decide on a layout that’s entirely incongruous with the rest of the house’s architectural style so that it does not detract.

So, what’s there to lose? You really gain, both emotionally and when you ever intend to sell your Washington home.

Prevent the myth that customizing mechanically means major spending.

For lots of people wondering the way to remodel, one of the things that prevents them is the idea that it’s going to cost too much. Remodeling your house is beneficial.

Almost 40% of survey participants stated that they needed to update worn-out stuff, finishes and surfaces.

A professional cabinet refacing can cost you between $1,000 and $3,000 for laminate, a bit more for actual wood veneers, and over $7,000 with high quality wood veneers. The lowest price is definitely going to be close to $4,000 and can end up upwards of $20,000., in the event you were to compare the cost to replacing all of the cupboards

Making yourself happy does not have to be that pricey considering that refacing is a fantastic means to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

Our Auburn staff is always ready to help you because we wish to assist you stay away from the pitfalls and keep up on the remodeling industry, so we take our time beside you during the ordering and setup process so that you completely consider all your options.

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